Not a single day goes by in everyone’s life by answering to themselves, did I do it right or wrong?

Every action we do, we either have thought about it and take it from our memory or we deduce this very fundamental question.

If we think it was wrong, we justify to ourselves that it is ok.

If we think it was right, we just pat our backs.

Right for us may be wrong for others

Wrong for me may be right for others

There is no universal truth.

Truth is accepted if the majority agrees it may be right…

or maybe defined by law of land or justice of mind…

Our lives are a constant struggle between these two words…

Next time, if you tumble on this most asked universal question, be nice to yourself and to others…



Beautiful land of inequalities

Imagine a land where everyone except a few have to work day and night to make that land better. They have to work so sincerely without a choice.

Imagine a land where there is charity without charity. You won’t find anyone who asks for money on streets.

Imagine a land which is so safe because you don’t have freedom to question. Isn’t that an irony that removing the very fundamental right actually works fine.

Imagine a world where there is there is no politics parties or elections but yet the place thrives much better than with one.

Imagine a land where the goal is to attract people from other places but with no rights to the land.

The land where people are so unequal, some cannot even go to many places in that land.

May be inequality can be beautiful, … may be not…



Where to?

We all want to reach some destination and

We all ask this question from the shore…

Where to?

We all swim towards that with all we can

We laugh, we cry, we fight, we hug as we swim

We all think we will reach our destination

We start to lose people who we started with as we swim one by one

And one day at some random spot I drown like any other

They all continue to swim without me

I realized that no one will ever reach the destination

Because there is none

As I drown I see people on the shore asking the same old question I asked decades back …

Where to?



Story of Two frogs

A group of frogs were going home on a rainy day. There was a huge pit which frogs didn’t notice and two of them accidentally fell into that pit.

The two frogs started trying very hard to come out of it. Frogs 🐸 outside were very discouraging and shouted that it is impossible to come out of the pit.

One of the frogs gave up, but the other didn’t. The frog tried hard for many hours and finally was able to come out. The other frog lived in that pit forever.

The successful frog when asked how did you do it, the frog waved its hands to its👂 s saying, sorry I cannot hear anything, I am deaf.

Courtesy- video from PMA Gafoor— love the way he conveys great messages with simple stories.



Sibish Basheer

Sibish Basheer


AI Engineer. Interest in Computational Psychology. Loves Nature. My opinions are my own.