Story of Two frogs

A group of frogs were going home on a rainy day. There was a huge pit which frogs didn’t notice and two of them accidentally fell into that pit.

The two frogs started trying very hard to come out of it. Frogs 🐸 outside were very discouraging and shouted that it is impossible to come out of the pit.

One of the frogs gave up, but the other didn’t. The frog tried hard for many hours and finally was able to come out. The other frog lived in that pit forever.

The successful frog when asked how did you do it, the frog waved its hands to its👂 s saying, sorry I cannot hear anything, I am deaf.

Courtesy- video from PMA Gafoor— love the way he conveys great messages with simple stories.



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Sibish Basheer

Sibish Basheer


AI Engineer. Interest in Computational Psychology. Loves Nature. My opinions are my own.